LewanSoul Qbot Educational STEAM Programmable Robot Kit

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Qbot is an educational robot based on graphical programming and Arduino platform. This robot is perfect for learning STEAM and robotic knowledge. Perfect choice for robot lovers and beginners to learn robotics, electronics and programming. Beside, Qbot is a Smart Robot Car Kit with Ultrasonic Sensor, Light Sensor, Line Tracking Sensor, OLED Display Screen, Bluetooth Module, Infrared Remote Control ( Receiver), Free Mobile APP for Arduino. The whole assembly process of Qbot only takes 2 minutes, so that you are no longer bothered by the tedious assembly. The holes in the robot can be compatible with the LEGO bricks and you can extend its function yourself, this means that Qbot will have infinite possibilities.

Various electronic modules

Quick assembl

Compatible with LEGO bricks.

Various ways of mobile phone control

Support Scratch programming

Plenty of learning material and gameplay

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