Robo-Soul H3.0 17DOF Biped Two-Leg Humanoid Robot Kit (Aluminum Frame Only)

Pedagang : MikroPal
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- This robot includes one head, one main body, two arms, two legs, use digital servo power. This robot could finish walking, squat, turning, side slide movements, and could dancing, fighting, or more complicated movements. If with related sensors, could climbing stairs, tracking lines, etc
- Color: Red

- Height: 365mm
- Weight: 1650g
- Joints: 17 joints
- Structure: 1mm aluminum alloy strucutre, light weight and high strength
- Servo: LD-2015 digital servo, high torque, high precision
- Controller(not included): robot controller, with overloading, low voltage alarm

Package of   <<Only Frame Kit>>   Included:

- Robot metal frame set  x 1

Note: This package does not include Servo controller

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