Educational Robot Kit Anami V3 Lite Version Arduino Uno R3 Basic Line Follower Robot Edukasi

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Robot Anami Line Follower Arduino Uno R3

Educational Robotic Kit
Anami V3 Lite
Specifications :
– Main Control Arduino Uno R3
– USB Type B
– 6 Line Sensor
– LCD 1602 Display
– Driver Motor L293D
– Motor DC Geared 6V 300RPM
– Diameter Wheels 6CM
– Acrylic Chassis
– Baterry Li Ion 7,4Volt
– Charger Li Ion 2 Cell
– Manual Book and CD Progam
– Library IndobotAnami.h Progam
– dimensions : 19,5 x 15,5 x 8 cm
Simple Coding with indobotAnami.h

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