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Adidas Drehkraft 'A weightlifting shoe with lockdown support'
First things first, 'Drehkraft' is the German word for torque and its a
particularly fitting name for Adidas most technical weightlifting shoe to date.
Built for the finesse and dynamism of snatch and clean and jerk lifting, the
Drehkraft features a sophisticated but functional BOA Lacing System which locks
the foot in place during explosive, compound exercises for a consistent feel
from set up, to pull, to final stand. This advanced Micro-Adjusting Closure
System produces the ultimate in consistent hold and reliability, giving you the
confidence to stack on extra plates and push for new PBs.
The all-new Drehkraft also incorporates a full-length Adiwear Outsole for
extreme high-wear durability and consistent floor contact, allowing lifters to
generate more power over a larger surface area and really drive force upwards
from the floor.
A high-density die-cut Midsole Wedge, which has been specially configured for
snatch and clean and jerk exercises, also provides exceptional underfoot
stability, encouraging better form by complimenting the natural biomechanics of
the body for improved lifting capacity. The height of the heel wedge has also
been weight-lifting engineered by Adidas in order to ensure maximum efficacy.
Other highlights include a Flexible Synthetic Upper which delivers superb
lightweight support from heel to toe, and a moisture-wicking Mesh Lining which
keeps the wearer cool and comfortable during gruelling weight sessions. A Steel
Heel Tab also provides additional stability where you need it most, as well as
ensuring the Drehkraft can withstand the punishment powerlifters and strongmen
place on their feet and footwear.
Adidas Drehkraft. More Torque = More Power

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